My New Album Moon Songs

Hey Hey everybody!

What a crazy year it's been. By the look of some things it might seem like I haven't been all that busy. Mainly it's due to the fact that I've been doing a lot of things in the dark (not to be confused with my first full-length record by the same name.)

I have put out a record I've been working on for the last year and a half titled Moon Songs. Moon Songs came about through a conversation I had with my friend Charlie Haskins back in April of 2017. He said, "Why don't we do a project together? Maybe I can give you one of my paintings and you can write a song based off of it, and then you give me one of your songs and I'll make a painting based off of it. Then we can get enough songs for an album and release it as a book and CD with the lyrics and paintings inside and a CD inserted inside the book so it's interactive. Is that something you'd be interested in?" SHOOT YEAH IT WAS!!! I was blown away by the idea. That's the thing about Charlie; the gears in his head are always turning. We worked well together. In my opinion he is the creative one and I am the taskmaster. He was always coming up with ideas and pushing me creatively, while I was coming up with deadlines and strategies for getting the record out there and pushing us to get things done in a timely manner.

I am so proud of this project. We've done some great things already since its debut yesterday. Charlie sold a lot of them at his store on Small Business Saturday. I was on The Blue Plate Special again in Knoxville to promote the album on the same day. We did a TV show together called Positively Portsmouth, which was really nice because it was right in town. A local newspaper ran a story on us and the project and hailed us as both icons, even though to my friends, family and myself i'm still just Josiah. I'll also be on a TV show in Cincinnati called City Nights which will air December 17th. I'll also be on the road promoting the living daylight out of this thing. I have almost 70 shows booked for next year with a goal of 100 by January 1st. I don't think it'll happen but it'll be pretty close!

Also new is the store. Head over to the store section and grab yourself a copy of the record. Other merch will be ordered and will be coming in as time marches on.

There's still other things I have in the wings. I'm already writing and planning on a new record. I'm planning on taking better care of myself because the road is a life full of sitting and eating bad food and it's starting to show. I have plans to turn Moon Songs in for award nomination considerations, to be on bigger shows, to improve my singing, guitar playing and stage act. I'm ALWAYS working on something.

I had a motto when I first started this whole singer-songwriter thing. I ran into a man one time who told me in a rather aggressive way that I wasn't going to play music for a living and I was doomed to be a custodian for the rest of my life. I yelled back, "YEAH, WELL I AIN'T DEAD YET!" I AIN'T DEAD YET was my battle cry for years and continues to inspire me to keep pushing on. For those who read the blog, buy the records, come to the shows and show your support I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You keep food on my table, gas in the car and bills paid. And if you think this new record is something special you're right! But you ain't seen nothing yet. I AIN'T DEAD YET!




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