The Big 28

Hey there everybody, It’s been forever since I’ve updated this thing. But as my Dad loves to say, “there’s no better time than the present!” So much has happened since the last post. Tens of thousands of miles, over a hundred shows. Lovers coming and going, songs being written about said girl. New music being recorded. Another year and another trip around the sun. I turned 28 yesterday and I am thankful that I made it another year. I have found 27 to be the most difficult year for me and the one where I have to swallow the most bitter taste of pride and failures. I found out a lot about myself; a lot of good and a lot of bad. My sincere hope is that for those of you who read this blog and may be struggling I just want you to know that life doesn’t have to be such a struggle. I encourage you to seek help and counsel. I encourage you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. If there is one thing I learned more than anything this year, it’s that there’s nobody better to love you and take care of you and there’s nobody who invests more in you than your self. If you are creative and artistic like I am find solace in your work. Find refuge in your written words. Get those emotions out of you and spread it around so others can be impacted positively by your struggles and heartbreak. all I can say is thank God I did not join the 27 club. Here’s to 28. The big 28! And to the best year I will have thus far to live. What an opportunity. In your own words, “I love you, even when I don’t.” -Josiah  

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