One Year Makes A Difference

Hey hey everybody!

I'll be 27 on August 21, 2017. On my 26th birthday in 2016 life was starting to look up. I decided last night to make an inventory. 

In one year I have: Dated the girl I have loved Quit the day job I hated Made music my career which I love Seen 13 states Traveled 50,000 miles Made a record, a 7 song EP and a single Had a Top Ten Indie Radio Single Been on radio in Canada Have been in one magazine, 3 papers, radio and tv Been asked to write songs for cities and tv shows Afforded my own place to live Booked 154 concerts Played 118 shows 2 of them colleges 4 of them are prestigious Wrote 18 songs Was on 2 podcasts Helped write a book Received my first real royalty check Opened up for and met one of my guitar heroes Made more money then I ever have in a fiscal year You all, God is good. Work hard and pursue your dreams. If you do it right you won't notice your progress until you look up from the grindstone. Then you acknowledge it and get back to work. Life is too short to not follow your dreams! 



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