New York

Hey hey everybody! 

Currently laying in my hotel bed not wanting to get up and head back home. What a heck of a time last night in Cazenovia, NY! My 21st state. These guys Garret, Roger and Keeghan made me immediately feel right at home. Thick as thieves they are. Garret is a budding musician and we bonded right away. Turns out he was the fella to approve of the college booking so props to Garret! Cazenovia is like any other New England town; old houses that remind you of Sleepy Hollow or the amityville horror, full of bad drivers and deer. I throughly enjoyed myself! Cazenovia thank you all once again for laughing at my jokes, swaying and crying to my songs, and making me feel at home though home is 623 miles away. I love you!



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