Hey hey everybody! 

I just got back from a stint up in North Dakota. 2,200 miles later I am back in my chair at home but rest is short lived. 

Fargo was a trip! The grand total is 2,200 miles, 37 hours drive time, 6 hours of sleep, 9 states driven through, all for a 90 minute show at ND State. It's funny how that works. I still haven't fully understood it. ND State was a show that I wasn't used to at all. They had massive posters everywhere, a big stage, they even carried in my guitar and had a green room for me to relax in. It was amazing and so new and foreign to be treated so well. I felt like I didn't deserve any of it at all. The big thing I noticed out west is that it's just like the east in terms of us humans. There is a lot of good and great people out there and it is amazing to stand back and watch as people live their lives make their plans, live their dreams and love their families. There's hope for us after all. 


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