Hey hey everybody!

This week is my final week of shows for the year and it'll be in Tennessee. I am very excited to be going back to Nashville! Three years ago I left Nashville a very broken and disheartened musician. I couldn't land an audition based off of my appearance and music politics, I was a session musician and making money as a guitarist in recording studios but I was so unhappy and drinking very heavily. I came home and was told by friends and family that it was over and it was time to get a real job and get it together. I have never been so depressed. Once I decided to give music one more try I would do things different and refused to let critics and naysayers get in the way. Now music is better than ever! With Nashville back in my sights this time as a solo artist, I am ready to swing Nashville by the tail instead of letting it swing me by the tail. Revenge and redemption never felt so good! Check out the shows under the shows tab and I'll see you in music city!

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