The Road w/ Megan Bee

Hey Hey everybody!

Long time no see! A lot has happened. College shows have come and gone, there's talks about a California leg of shows as well as a definite run in the Mid West to North Dakota State in March.

But the immediate future is this week and next. I will be on the road with my awesome sister from another mister Megan Bee. Megan Bee is an awesome singer-songwriter who is such a free spirit. She travels all over the country, living at camp grounds, couch surfing, in her van, and writing some amazing songs that are fun, introspective, entertaining and passionate. She is a constant inspiration and a mentor and partner. She and I will be doing a run of shows starting tomorrow in Northern Ohio. You can check out our calendar at

Megan will also be helping me put together an indiegogo campaign which will help raise funds for a new album which is going to be titled Lay Me Down In Roses. I have been writing for the last year and have shown these songs to close friends, colleagues, and audiences around the area. I am so excited to share these songs with the broader public, as the response to these songs have been very positive. Also, my dear friend and mentor Paul Colman formerly of The Newsboys will be co-producing this album with me! How exciting to have somebody who has so many accolades in the music industry and is offering his expertise in my craft. I can't wait to show this piece of work to you. In the mean time, check out the dates and catch a show! I hope to see you all on the open road soon,

-Josiah Whitley

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