Six Down Six To Go

Hey hey everybody!

I'm new to this blogging thing, but I had a Xanga my freshman year in high school (wow showing my age big time) so I guess it's the same thing right? I post my thoughts and feelings and updates and you read and enjoy, right? Or at least I hope you will!

September has been a crazy month. We've been all over the usual routes and stomping grounds, Dayton and Harrison/Cincinnati, OH, Morehead, Georgetown and Lexington, KY. We have six shows crossed off the calendar and another six more to go! I'll be traveling up to Akron, OH for a show at a winery, as well as going all the way over to the middle of West-Vir-By-God-Ginia for a show at Mountain State Brewing Co., followed by Cincinnati and Columbiana (south of Cleveland) OH. We're all over the map!

As far as music is concerned, "Don't I Love You So Good" and "Ride This Train" have been picked up by Q108 Kingston Radio up in Ontario, Canada for airplay. I never would've ever thought that my music would be played in another country. "Ride This Train" is also being played up in Wright State University, where I will be playing at in October as well as a couple of other college dates. A new album is currently being written and micro-managed. Paul Colman, a former member of the Christian group The Newsboys and a phenomenal singer-songwriter and friend in his own rite, will be co-producing it with me and I am unbelievably excited!

It's time to hit the open road boys and girls. I'll probably post once every couple of weeks. Remember, spread your arms and hold your breath, and always trust your cape.


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