Date Released: April  21, 2015

XXO Records

Track Listing:

1. Home Is Where You Are

2. Waitin' Here For You

3. Mr. Whiskey

4. The Farmer's Wife

5. Out Of My Mind


All songs © 2015 Josiah Whitley Black Cap Music, ASCAP


SBTS EP was Whitley’s very first release of original material as a solo artist. It was recorded in a church Whitley had full access to over a period of three days from 9pm-6am. Whitley looked back on the time period by saying:


“Sounds Before The Slumber screams ‘first effort’. And that’s exactly what it was! I was twenty-four and made the decision to be a singer-songwriter in January of that year and put this out in April. I was young and broke! I recorded Mr. Whiskey in Franklin, TN and it was expensive.  I decided to do the rest on my own with the help of my buddy Jacob Harris. We had never tried to record anything before, so we went at it the best we could where we could. I’m embarrassed by the quality of the record and the sound of my voice because I’d just started singing and recording. I am not a fan of some of the arrangements on the album either. But I am certainly not ashamed of the songwriting! Home Is Where You Are is my most streamed song on Pandora to this day! It’s a staple in my set. Mr. Whiskey is the reason why I even started a career as a songwriter and it along with The Farmer’s Wife continue to move audiences at my shows.”


Whitley has thought about re-recording and re-releasing the EP. “I’ve thought numerous times about re-recording the record, or at least record Home Is Where You Are, Mr. Whiskey and The Farmer’s Wife for some kind of retrospective compilation. Those songs deserve it.”

Sounds Before The Slumber EP (Digital Album)