Release Date: Octoebr 5, 2017

XXO Records


Back in 2017 a couple of buisnessmen from Newark, OH approached Josiah about writing a song about an incident that happened during the prohibition era in their town.


Carl Etherington was a seventeen-year-old boy from Kentucky who volunteered as a detective to help arrest a man in charge of a big speakeasy in town. The arrest didn't go as planned; Etherington ended up shooting and killing the owner in self-defense when a mob surrounded them during their melee. Etherington was promptly arrested and taken to the local jail where a mob of over five thousand gathered with intention of revenge.


According to reports the mob broke into the jail, subdued the guards, confiscated their keys and went straight to Etherington's cell. They dragged him outside where they hung him from a telegraph pole for hours for the whole town to see. A state of emergency was declared once the governor got word and many were convicted of his murder. The city of Newark has since memoralized this brave man by having a Carl Etherington Day, placing his name in the fallen police memorials in Ohio and in Washington, D.C., as well as having Whitley's song played on the radio and at local events. It's his most covered song.

Roll Your Bones (The Ballad Of Carl Etherington)