Release Date: March 25, 2016

XXO Records


Track Listing:

1. Don't I Love You So Good

2. Ride This Train

3. Rich Man Poor Man

4. In The Dark

5. Little Susie

6. Find The Gold

7. Give Up The Ghost

8. From The Backseat

9. Baby Blue

10. How The World Is Green


All songs © 2016 Josiah Whitley, Black Cap Music ASCAP


In The Dark was Josiah Whitley's first full-length album. Recorded after hours in a small venue that was housed in a movie theater in his hometown, the record is a mix of rock, folk and acoustic blues. "I had a lot of people at home demand I play rock music because that's what they were used to hearing," Whitley said. "So I plugged in the electric guitar and got my buddy Jacob Harris to play drums. But in the end it didn't change their attitudes towards me being a singer-songwriter and left venues confused. Here I am saying o them I'm a solo acoustic singer-songwriter, which I was live, but on the album I send them there's drums, electric guitars and distorted vocals." Ride This Train went on to be a #4 hit in Canada on an Independent Radio chart for independent artists where it still generates airplay today and is a mainstay in his live sets.

In the Dark (Digital Album)