November 17th

From The Background To The Foreground: A New Album Titled Moon Songs Is Slated For Release

By looking at the news section of the website it looks like Whitley has not been active very much. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has been all over Ohio’s tristate maintaining his 150 concert a your schedule. Also, he has been writing and recording a new record that he has been working on for the last year and a half. He has been reluctant to talk about it during the creative process due to being protective of his art and the concepts on how it was created.


However! The time has finally come to let the cat out of the bag! Whitley has collaborated with his friend and local artist Charlie Haskins to create Moon Songs, A unique pairing of paintings and songs. One day while at Charlie‘s record store and art gallery, Whitley was approached by Haskins and asked if he would be willing to let Charlie paint a gate fold for a record. Whitley was excited about this idea but the major issue was he had no record waiting to be recorded. A couple of weeks later Haskins asked Whitley again about collaborating but this time making a project where they genuinely collaborated together. Charlie would give Josiah one of his paintings and after studying it would write a song based off of the painting. In turn, Josiah would give Charlie a song and after listening to it would create a painting based off of the song. Whitley was very ecstatic and energized by the idea and they immediately agreed to start to work together, meeting at the first of every month to swap songs and pains. They agreed to do 12 songs in 12 paintings total. They also decided to put a book together that showcased all of the paintings with the lyrics side by side and have a CD inserted into the book so people can not only read and look but they can also listen and follow along. 


Knowing that they had a very marketable idea on their hands both artists swore each other to secrecy except to immediate family and trusted mentors. “The last thing I wanted was for someone to come along with a similar idea just because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut,” said Whitley. Moon Songs is already taking Whitley and Haskins’s hometown and county by storm. Pre-orders are knocking out expectations and praise and approval have been high. One local paper, The Scioto Voice, decided to do an interview as a press release for the record and has even called Haskins and Whitley local icons. “I don’t know about icon, but I’ll take it!” Whitley laughs. The duo will even be featured on a local show called Positively Portsmouth! The show will be aired at 6pm on November 24th on Channel 24 for Spectrum Cable customers. "The show will come on right before Wheelersburg High School's football team plays for the semi-finals. As a proud Wheelersburg alumni I'm very excited to be on right before the game on the same TV channel." Whitley will also be in Knoxville that early afternoon performing on The Blue Plate Special promoting the record. The Blue Plate Special has featured many prominent artists such as Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, The Avett Brothers, Whitley's childhood hero Marty Stuart as well as influences Guy Clark and Malcolm Holcomb, Chris Smithers and John Prine.


Moon Songs is available for pre-order through this website via the store. Under the music section of this website they can also find a downloadable version with the digital version of the artwork. The official release date is November 24, small business Saturday. This will also be the day Whitley will be in Knoxville to play on the prestigious Blue Plate Special radio show and will showcase the record live on the air. Make sure to get your copy today!

Haskins and Whitley on the set of Positively Portsmouth, a local TV show to talk about Moon Songs. Whitley played a snippet of The Prayers Went Up And The Rain Came Down, a song about the 1937 Portsmouth Flood. It will air on November 24th at 6pm Channel 24 via Spectrum Cable.

Haskins and Whitley were featured on the front page of The Scioto Voice on Thursday the 15th of November to promote the record. "I don't know about 'ICON'," said Whitley, "But I'll take it!"

Each album comes with a 40 page book with lyrics and paintings. Also included is a 12 song CD that has custom artwork done by Haskins. Each CD features its own unique design

February 7th

First Blog Write Up

Josiah was recently featured in a blog called Cincy Local Music. The writer contributed a blog talking about one of Whitley's shows in the area. After the venue cleared out and the chairs were being put on the tops of the tables, a group of people told Whitley they were disappointed that they didn't hear him sing "Let Him Roll" by Guy Clark, a signature closing song in Whitley's set. Without hesitation Whitley threw his guitar case on a table, took out the guitar, pulled down a chair from another table and did the song for them right on the spot. Read more at the blog!

October 19th

Hometown Boy

August 29th

Whitley's First Major On Air Radio Appearance

Whitley made it onto the front page of his hometown paper The Portsmouth Daily Times today. The article touched on the making of his new album, his goals, and his thoughts on his hometown. You can read the article here

Whitley made his first major on air radio appearance Tuesday, August 29th at 100.3FM WCLT Radio in Newark, OH. Whitley was featured on T-100, central Ohio's country station. He was interviewd and performed The Ballad Of Johnny, the single off of his new album Lay Me Down In Roses. The estimated audience that turned their radio dials to 100.3FM and listened to Whitley was estimated at 250,000.

August 21st

Ride This Train Cracks The Top 10 on Canadian Indie Radio

August 21st was a very happy day here at XXO Records. Not only was it Josiah's 27th birthday, but we got word that his single Ride This Train from his last album In The Dark hit the Top 10 on Indie Radio Charts up in Canada. Whitley was ecstatic and grateful because it is not only his first charting song, it is a song that is very near and dear to him. "I am so proud to see how far this song has gone. It's been the most downloaded tune in my catalog for quite some time and I'm so honored to see it do so well. I want to thank Jacob Harris for performing and producing the track with me, and I want to sincerely thank my muse who made Ride This Train and so many of my other songs possible."

You can download Ride This Train from In The Dark today on iTunes and Google Play.

Download the song here:

August 15th

First TV


Josiah Whitley made his first television debut on The Midday Kentucky Show on ABC's Channel 36 in Lexington, KY on August 14th. After the appearance Whitley was asked to write a song for commercial use through the show.

August 1st

Album Review

The new album  Lay Me Down In Roses was recently reviewed by Hold The Note magazine, an Ohio Tri-State music magazine. Check out the review at

June 22nd


Thursday, June 22nd is a big day for Whitley. The Scioto Voice, a local newspaper in his hometown has written a full page front page article about Whitley's music and history of success and struggle. Here he is pictured reading the article in the backseat of his beat up old 2005 Chevy Impala which is where he sometimes slept when things were rough as described in the article. "Life comes around full circle!" He exclaims after the photographer snaps this shot. Check out the article at

June 12th

More More More

Today is a day of much excitement in the Whitley camp. This afternoon Josiah Whitley will sit down with The Community Common, a Scioto County local paper to discuss his upcoming performance at Dreamland Festival in Spartan Stadium. Whitley also confirmed with iTunes and other digital media outlets this morning that his second full-length album "Lay Me Down In Roses", his second EP and first live album "Live On The Blue Plate Special EP" and the single "One More For The Road" is going to be released simultaneously through iTunes, Google Play as well as Spotify on June 15th. And last but not least Whitley has confirmed a show with John Prine's very own Jason Wilbur. Wilbur has been Prine's guitarist for over twenty years and has worked with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and Todd Snider. 

May 9th

New Podcast Interview!

Josiah Whitley was recently interviewed by fellow singer-songwriter Charlie Millikin on his podcast We Make Music. We Make Music is dedicated to songwriters sharing the stories behind their tunes and the craft that goes in to creating them. Whitley eagerly discussed in detail the history and recording of "Ride This Train", the single off of his first full-length album In The Dark, which is available on every major digital media outlet.



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